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    Best Martial Arts

    Best Martial Arts Chesterfield, MO. Martial arts have the power to change your life. Through increased focus and diligent practice, you will find yourself in better shape with less stress and more confidence than ever before in every aspect of your life.

    For the area’s best martial arts, try a class at Gracie Barra Chesterfield. Gracie Barra is the leading martial arts organization in the world, with 900 schools worldwide and 400 in North America, and teaches principles, philosophies, and fundamentals of the best martial arts around.

    Give us a call at 314-861-9635 or contact us online to start your journey into the best martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield.

    Why Train Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield?

    We have programs and classes in the best martial arts, no matter your size or skill, for men, women, kids, and teens. In addition to the significant changes martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield can make, some of the advantages of training include:

    Other benefits of joining the best in martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield include:

    • Weight Loss
    • It is common for Gracie Barra Chesterfield students to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour in our martial arts classes.

    • Stress Relief
    • Gracie Barra Chesterfield martial arts classes are great for relieving stress, bringing you an inner peace that focuses on the bigger picture.

    • Discipline
    • A recent study shows that martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield can reduce aggressive behavior, concentrating on discipline and self control for students of all ages.

    • Self-Defense
    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu happens to be the de facto choice for learning self-defense, particularly for women. Research from the University of Oregon found that women who complete a self-defense course are at least 50-60 percent less likely to be attacked.

    • Reducing Risk of Premature Death
    • The best martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield trigger your body to release endorphins, reducing the risks of premature death.

    • Better Social Skills
    • Increased Focus
    Best Martial Arts Chesterfield | Gracie Barra Chesterfield

    What Are Gracie Barra Chesterfield’s Best Martial Arts Styles?

    At Gracie Barra Chesterfield, we teach a collaboration of principles of several different styles of the best martial arts. While a specific class of ours might be called Little Champions Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Kickboxing for Little Champions, it will have various fundamental teachings and applications. Call us today at 314-861-9635 or contact us online.

    The best martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield include:

    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Even though it doesn’t teach striking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often considered the best martial art for self defense as it teaches you skills that you can use against bigger and stronger opponents. Gracie Barra Chesterfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uses grappling techniques that focus on distance control, leverage, positioning, and submissions, rather than striking or kicking. Be sure to check your ego at the door to our Chesterfield gym though, as BJJ is all about positive vibes and supporting each other toward achieving goals.

      Is Gracie Barra Chesterfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu good for kids and teens? Yes, it is great for kids and teens because it is very safe. It doesn’t include any striking or wrestling slams or throws that may lead to injuries, and is not based on power, which gives smaller participants a chance to defend themselves. Also, rolling on the mats is a great way to burn some extra energy doing something productive instead of tearing up the house.

      Is Gracie Barra Chesterfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu good for people over 30? Yes. In fact, it is often seen as the best option for people who want to get into martial arts in their 30s. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a complex martial art that you need to learn at a slow pace and avoid rushing things in training. Adults are often the ones who are more patient and easier to work with when it comes to training.

    • MMA
    • MMA is by far the most versatile martial art as it is a mix of various grappling and striking techniques put into one style of fighting. It is great for teaching the best martial arts at Gracie Barra Chesterfield because, much like our training and teaching styles, where we mix techniques, MMA borrows from every martial art. It will teach you how to use boxing or Muay Thai strikes on the feet, or wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to fight on the ground.

      Is MMA good for kids and teens? Yes, MMA is great for kids and they will have a lot of fun training in multiple styles of martial arts. This type of training keeps their minds busy. MMA has a bad reputation when it comes to injuries, likely due to the glorification of the sport on TV. However, the statistics tell a different story, particularly for children.

      Is MMA good for people over 30? Yes, all the aforementioned pluses stand for adults too. Join Gracie Barra Chesterfield and enjoy developing all-around skills.

      For the best martials arts in the Chesterfield area, give us a call at 314-861-9635 or contact us online.

    • Judo
    • Founded in the late 1800s by Jigoro Kano and translated to “gentle way,” Judo is a fighting style that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. It will teach you all about leverage and how to execute powerful throws and pins to master an opponent. Once on the ground, students use various joint locks and chokes, but the focus is on stand-up striking. Our Gracie Barra Chesterfield techniques are generally intended to turn an opponent’s force to your advantage rather than to oppose it directly. Judo is a good way to teach structure and discipline. Kano developed a fighting system that essentially personified “maximum efficiency with minimum effort”.

      Is Judo good for kids and teens? Judo is very popular among kids, likely due to the strength of the MMA fighters seen on television. Above all though, judo training is all about respect, discipline, and honor – great foundations to instill in kids.

      Is Judo good for people over 30? If you are in your 20s or 30s, it might be better to try BJJ. Most BJJ techniques actually come from Judo, but the emphasis is on ground fighting. The culture and the concept of training and competing in BJJ differs quite a bit from Judo which makes it better for adults.

    • Karate
    • One of the most practiced martial arts in the world, karate is a popular starting point. In traditional karate, it is believed that the self is the real enemy, so the original teachings have a strong concentration on spiritual development, self control, patience, and discipline. Karate makes use of balanced, full-body maneuvers and training focuses on blocks, strikes, punches, evasions, and kicks that help your counterstrike. There are many different styles including:

      Is karate good for kids and teens? Karate is one of the best martial arts for kids because training is safe, playable, and will help them adopt many good habits and values. Some styles like Shorin-Ryu even have ground techniques similar to BJJ.

      Is karate good for people over 30? It’s never too late to start training in martial arts, but karate is not a very popular option among people over 30. However, Gracie Barra Chesterfield has several other viable options.

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      Best Martial Arts | Gracie Barra Chesterfield

      Gracie Barra Chesterfield is your only choice for the best in martial arts training. We provide a welcoming, family-friendly environment that encourages development and camaraderie. Our instructors forbid intimidation and hostility. We lift each other up to achieve personal and team goals.

      To change your life with the area’s best martial arts, call Gracie Barra Chesterfield now at 314-861-9635 or contact us online to join our family.

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