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    Professor Dominic Luecke

    Black Belt

    Professor Dominic began his martial arts training at age 16. After competing in a couple of amateur kickboxing fights he decided to expand his knowledge and passion for martial arts and found Gracie Barra O,Fallon. Professor Dominic spends little time away from the mats and dedicates hours a day to learning and teaching the art. He is a certified coach, program director, and active competitor at Gracie Barra. Currently, he holds a purple belt under Mike Buckels in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He continues his training daily and competes at numerous tournaments year-round in gi and no gi grappling in hopes to reach the highest level of jiu jitsu attainable. Off the mats coach Dominic enjoys hiking, podcasts, reading, nutrition, and new challenging activities and workouts.

    Ranks and Certifications

    Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    2018 American Grappling Federation National Champion
    Multiple time American Grappling Federation Regional Tournament Champion
    Multiple time IBJJF Tournament Champion and Medalist
    Gracie Barra ICP certified instructor

    “Jiu jitsu goes far beyond learning a martial art. Close friendships are made, you get in great shape, and it adds a great deal of positivity to people’s lives.”- Dominic Luecke